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About us

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Thinking ahead. Turning one’s attention to tomorrow. Keeping one step ahead. Zinota is a leading Distributor of capital equipment for the electronics, medical device and Photovoltaic manufacturing in morocco. We see our task as translating our customers’ requirements and wishes into new pioneering solutions.

Zinota is a sought-after partner in the photovoltaic and semiconductor industry. We speak our customers’ language and represent their interests in the development of global plant standards.

But perhaps a totally different secret lies behind our success: We enjoy what we do and are inspired by new challenges. By working together, people across all our locations actively live and shape our corporate culture. 

Values that influence our thinking and activities: 

  • At Zinota our overall goal is to help our customers improve operations and increase quality while reducing cost.
  • Zinota is committed to understanding its customers’ needs, and to generating the correct innovative solution to satisfy customer requirements.
  • Zinota is commitment to research and development combines technological advances with in-depth product knowledge, to provide products best suited to customer needs.
  • The Zinota product range is regularly assessed to ensure the products provided are those, which are most efficient, most accurate and most advanced.
  • We trust our employees and pay attention to and respect their personalities and work.
  • Our activities are based on honesty and integrity. We keep Our promises.