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Ion Beam Deposition
Ion Beam Deposition

Ion Beam Deposition

StratIon fxP
Designed with high productivity in mind, the StratIon fxP 200mm/300mm cluster system uses ion beam processing technology to deposit thin metal and dielectric films with unrivalled precision, uniformity and smoothness for Magneto-Resistive Random Access Memory [MRAM] and related technologies.
Low pressure ion beam deposition provides ultra-smooth films – critical for the magnetic tunnel junction stacks used in MRAM. SPTS’ unique chamber design and software ensure unrivalled within-wafer non-uniformity whilst the patented ion source provides the precision required for the repeatable deposition of sub-nm thickness metal and dielectric films.
The system is unique as the only ion beam system designed for 300mm wafer manufacturing, to meet the productivity needs of silicon wafer fabs. The StratIon fxP can be configured with a pre-clean chamber, an oxidation chamber and two deposition chambers, all within the smallest footprint.
Key Features
  • 200/300mm bridge system
  • 2 ion beam deposition chambers
  • Ion beam pre-clean and oxidation chambers
  • Patented 300mm ion beam source
  • Platform accepts other SPTS’ single-wafer process chambers [PECVD, Etch, PVD]

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